the 5 terre

The CINQUE TERRE really worth to be visit. 

These villages are located on the coast, they are extended for about 12 km on the Ligurian Sea. 

You can visit them by train and by boat. The train (train schedules available at the reception desk) is most convenient way to visit the 5 Village. There is a possibility to buy a daily card (available at reception) which allows you to get on and off the train for the entire day. 

This PASS offers the opportunity to walk through along the coast trails. Experienced walkers can venture along the paths or trails of red path including the 6B that joins Manarola and Volastra, Volastra and Corniglia along the path of the vineyards. All the villages nests artistic treasure as the Capuccini Monastery in Monterosso al Mare. 

The train will leave from La Spezia Central Station which is about 4 km from our hotel to this Villages.